Parent Payment 2018

2018 Units with Additional Fees
2018 Curriculum Essential Service Fee Letter – Year 7

2018 Curriculum Essential Service Fee Letter – Year 8

2018 Curriculum Essential Service Fee Letter – Year 9 to 12


Year 8 Parent Letter 2018 and Year 8 Instructions_EdvalCourseSelection 2018
Year 9 2018 Course Selection Letter and Year 9 Instructions_EdvalCourseSelection 2018
2018 Curriculum Guide JUNIOR


Year 10 2018 – Parent Letter and 2018 Year 9 into 10 course selection sheet
Year 11 2018 – Parent Letter and 2018 Year 10 into 11 course selection sheet
Year 12 2018 – Parent Letter and 2018 Year 11 into 12 course selection sheet
2018 VET Courses

2018 Curriculum Guide SENIOR

Domain Presentations

English and Literature
Physical Education
The Arts


Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology
Certificate II in Automotive Studies
Certificate II in Building and Construction
Certificate II in Community Services
Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
Certificate II in Engineering
Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation
Certificate II in Small Business

Berwick College is implementing a Mastercard payment APP called Qkr! for safe, secure and a more efficient method of fee, course and additional excursion payments.

Both iTunes and Google Play have the free APP and following is a link to instructions on how to download this easy payment tool: Qkr – How To Guide