At Berwick College we aim to provide a learning community for all our students through:

EXCELLENCE IN LEARNING: Berwick College fosters the pursuit of knowledge and skills. We strive to do our best, we consider new ideas and encourage best practice, and we select our learning opportunities.

RICH AND VARIED PATHWAYS: Berwick College aims to prepare each person for diverse pathway choices and to make a successful transition into further education, training and employment.

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Berwick College uses democratic processes in its decision making and promotes social justice and equality of opportunity. We treat others with consideration and understanding, we are truthful and trustworthy, and we work with others.

PERSONAL GROWTH: Berwick College values the unique qualities of each person and accepts their worth as individuals. We meet our expectations, we are accountable for our actions and we work with effort, energy and persistence.

Our Values – ICARE

Berwick College is implementing a new values framework and reward system in 2020 based on the DET program School Wide Positive Behaviour. We recognise and celebrate our students representing our school proudly and consistently, living our school values.

The ICARE framework (Inquiry – Our Learning, Cooperation – Our Community, Achievement – Our Growth, Resilience – Our Character, Empathy – Our Awareness) will be our platform for recognition of our students’ hard work and positive behaviour.

When a student displays our school values, a staff member will record a green chronicle on Compass, informing the student of their achievement. The student can then attend their Learning Team office, to either receive a small reward, or collect a ticket to save. Students can then ‘cash in’ multiple tickets for larger rewards. The student from each year level with the most green chronicles by the end of the year will receive an award at the end of year presentation evening.