The year 10 Flexible Learning Program (FLP) offers students an alternative learning framework for students who are interested in enrolling in VET courses, and participating in a structured workplace learning environment. The FLP consists of the following subjects:

  • English (4 periods)
  • Maths (4 periods)
  • Game of Life (5 periods) for 1 semester
  • 3 School Based Electives (5 periods each)
  • VET Course run on a Wednesday or Friday
  • Structured Work Placement run on a Wednesday or Friday

English / Maths

The English and Maths curricula is derived from the year 10 Victorian curriculum, however the emphasis is on the consolidation and development of key skills. Students are assessed on their capacity to demonstrate a range of literacy and numeracy skills using a variety of assessment methods that are tailored to the learning styles and needs of the individual student.

VET Courses

There are a range of VET courses available for year 10 FLP students which can be found on the Berwick College school website and curriculum guide. Some VET courses are delivered internally at Berwick College while others are offered externally at a range of TAFE locations. These courses are usually run on a Wednesday in the school timetable.

Structured Workplace Learning

Prior to commencing the FLP, it is important that students organise an employee who is willing to take them on one day a week (usually a Friday). It is advised that students try to organise work in a sector that has potential as a career pathway. The Careers Department can offer assistance to students in finding work placements, and we suggest that all students organise a careers appointment prior to looking for a work placement. Prior to the commencement of a work placement students, parents and employers must complete the following:

  • A Structured Workplace Learning arrangement form
  • 2 online Occupational Health and Safety certificates (one general and one industry specific module). These modules can be completed by accessing
  • A White Card for students wishing to undertake work placement on a construction site
  • A Work Place Hazards in Working With Animals form for students wishing to work with animals

The Careers Centre can be contacted on 8768 1073 to find out further information relating to these requirements.

Game of Life

In this unit students develop personal career goals and pathways. This involves researching a career of their choice, developing a resume, cover letter and skills required for a job interview. Students also develop a wide range of valuable life skills that will equip them to handle the challenges of being an adolescent in today’s society. Topics include drug education, alcohol, community health, sex education, childhood development and decision making.


Year 10 FLP students need to select three school based electives. Information on year 10 electives can be found in the 2022 Berwick College Senior School Curriculum Guide and on the Berwick College Website.


Below is an example of what a student’s timetable may look like.

Year 10 Flexible Learning Example Timetable
1 2 3 4 5 6
Monday English English Elective 2 Elective 1 Maths Maths
Tuesday Elective 1 Elective 1 Elective 2 Elective 2 Maths Maths
Thursday Elective 2 Elective 2 Elective 1 Elective 1 English English
Friday Structured Workplace Learning


Applied Learning Leader
Mr Julian Walton
(03) 8768 1072