chisholm chargersChisholm Chargers


Welcome back to all our Chisholm students, and in particular, welcome to our new students and those starting Year 7 in 2018. Term 1 is jam-packed; filled with a number of school-wide events including:

– Whole School Photo Day: Thursday, February 8 2018
– Year 7 Tribal Day: Wednesday, February 14 2018
– Meet the Home Group teacher evening: Thursday, February 15 2018

We look forward to meeting many more parents at parent teacher interviews at the end of Term 1 and 3.

To all of our Year 7s, there is a 3 day camp scheduled in late March at Phillip Island. This is seen as an avenue for assisting students in their transition to secondary school. The program is devised to enhance student/staff and student/student relationships while developing students’ outdoor skills. Adventure activities include: canoeing, surfing, bushwalking, raft building, archery, high ropes, giant swing and orienteering.

2018 Learning Team Captains:
We wish to congratulate our Chisholm Captains for 2018:

Tara Wilkinson Tegan Langeveld

About the Learning Team Structure and Chisholm:
In 2008 we established eight communities within Berwick College in an endeavour to improve student-teacher-parent relations and student connectedness to the school. Each community is called a learning team.

• The primary reason behind this change is to help us build stronger relationships between all members of our school community and to strengthen the home-school partnership.
• Each of the learning teams contains 7 home groups.
• Home group teachers are responsible for the wellbeing of the students in their home group as well as being the link between the home and the school. They are also an advocate and a support for their students.

Home group meetings are held as follows:-

Monday  10 minutes
Tuesday  20 minutes
Thursday  30 minutes
Friday  10 minutes

Subject class groups will operate in year levels. Only in home group meetings do students work with peers from years 7 to 11.

Each Student Learning team has a leader (similar in some respects to a year level coordinator). The leader has responsibility for ensuring the home group teachers within the learning team carry out their roles in both a consistent and effective manner. The leaders will have a strong leadership, student management and support role within their learning team.

The Student Learning teams form the basis for intra-school sporting, artistic, musical and other types of competition.

Student Learning teams have been named after Australians who have served and made a significant contribution to the Australian community. Colours have been named after Australian gem stones. Chisholm Learning Team was named after Caroline Chisholm, who held strong values for social justice. She made significant contributions to society by empowering the lives of women and families, building shelters for those in need and displaying a compassionate and caring nature towards all people, regardless of wealth or status. Chisholm’s colour is Topaz (light blue).

It is the willingness of students to get involved that has been the strength of Chisholm for several years now and has set the benchmark for 2017.

Chisholm has secured its 7th consecutive Learning Team Cup – 2017
Home Groups:
Your home group teacher, along with the student learning leaders, are the first point of contact between the home and the school. Our 2018 Home group teacher details are:

Chisholm 1
Ms Claire Weiss

Chisholm 5
Ms Miranda Snowball
Chisholm 2
Mr Neville Perry
Chisholm 6
Ms Kristen Robinson
Chisholm 3
Mrs Steph Merchant (Mon – Thurs)
Chisholm 7
Ms Sasha Lanyon
Chisholm 4
Mrs Judy Hilleard (Mon, Tues, Thurs)
 Chisholm 4
Mr Brendan McGreal


Chisholm Student Learning Leaders:

Jocelyn Spinks

Student Learning Leader
8768 1032

Miranda Snowball
Assistant Student Learning Leader
8768 1068

Chisholm Day:
Thursday, July 26 @ Berwick College
Details of Chisholm Day to be confirmed mid-year! Stay tuned for regular updates!

In the past, Chisholm students have hosted a fundraising event, selling cakes and slices for the Peter Mac foundation. Through the group’s baking sales, we gathered revenue of $420.

Students also participated in a range of home group activities for Chisholm Day which included a Kahoot, origami rhinos (representing the Chisholm Charger logo) a puzzle and work search.

We would like to thank all the people who donated their time to bake homemade cakes and slices for the Chisholm Baking Stall over the past few years. Also, a massive thank you to the many parents/helpers who assisted with the baking and purchasing of ingredients at home! We look forward in bringing this same enthusiasm, commitment and dedication for 2017 Chisholm Day.

“I promise to know neither country nor creed, but to serve all justly and impartially.” Caroline Chisholm