In addition to our subject specific camps (e.g. Outdoor Education Studies) and excursions, the following camps and overseas tours are offered to extend student learning. Travel to an overseas destination has a profound impact on student learning. Students become personally involved and immersed in the learning process, providing a greater depth and understanding of the content explored in the classroom. Tours assist students, in developing skills through observation and reflection of authentic cultural experiences, to become global citizens.

Tour Length of tour Year level Runs
G’Day USA 20 days 7 to 12 Bi-annually
Transition Camp 3 days 7 Annually
Europe History Tour 18 days 8 to 11 Bi-annually
Central Australia 7 days 7 to 11 Annually
Indonesia 12 days 9 to 12 Bi-annually
Leadership Development 4 days 8 Annually
World Challenge 28 days 9 to 11 Bi-annually
Dance Academy – New York 9 days 8 to 11 Bi-annually
Basketball Academy – USA 19 days 10 Bi-annually