Computer Facilities at Berwick College

There are computers available to students in areas spread around the college. This includes 4 labs of desktop computers, as well as the 50 desktop or portable computers available in the Library. In addition to this, we have over 200 Notebook computers, and more than 300 NetBook computers, most of which are stored in portable trolleys in faculty areas around the school. All computers on the network can access the library catalogue via our Intranet. Computer room A6 is open to students before school, recess, lunchtime and after school every day of the week, except when staff are unavailable to supervise.

Network Access Login

To use the school network (Intranet, Internet and e-mail), both teachers and students must have a username and password. These are issued at the start of each school year. Any difficulties with logging in should be referred to the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Coordinator or ICT Technicians.

Changing Passwords

If a student forgets their password they need to provide either the ICT Coordinator or Technicians with proof of identity and request a change of password.


All material accessed, introduced or generated on the College’s computers system must be of a suitable nature for a secondary college, and is to be open to the scrutiny of any Berwick College staff member. Such material must be provided on request. The network is regularly inspected and audited for both inappropriate tiles and disk space usage.

Consequences for students dealing with unsuitable material, or inappropriate use of equipment or programs, will vary from withdrawal of the use of the facilities to more serious punishments such as suspension. More specific conditions of use are on display as users login to the network.


The College puts a quota on the amount of printing a student can do from the network. Students can see the ICT Coordinator or ICT Technicians to pay additional funds to have their printing quota extended.

Parent Portal

There is a link on this site that will allow parents to check their child(ren’s) timetable or attendance record, register attendance notes and make parent teacher interview bookings. Login and password details are available from the ICT staff.

Bring Your Own Device

All students are invited to bring their own computing device to school, provided their parents have suitable insurance cover for it, and it is used in an appropriate manner according to our Digital Acceptable User Agreement. Our technicians will connect the device to our wireless network. iPads, Android tablets, netbooks and notebooks are all acceptable, but students and parents need to consider portability, battery life (no charging in class) insurance and security, both when in transit and at school.


ICT Leader
Mr James Doble
(03) 8768 1006