Everyone that performed shined on stage and showed what the Berwick Dance Academy members are capable of!Β A big thankyou to both parents and teachers for giving up their time to support the students.

Secondary Lyrical/Contemporary Troupe Small
Psychiatrists – 1st πŸ…
Fairytale- 5th

Senior Up tempo solo Legend
Shaylah – 2nd

Senior Up tempo solo Star
Kat – 6th

Junior Down tempo Legend
Mackenzie – 1st πŸ…

Secondary Lyrical/Contemporary Troupe Large
Blood and Stone – 1st πŸ…
Scientists – 2nd

Secondary Jazz Troupe Small
Bye Bye Blackbird – 3rd

Down tempo solo Senior
Molly – 1st πŸ… (One of the highest scores of the day!)
Shaylah – 2nd

Saffron – 4th

Lyrical/Contemporary Audition
Ulani – 2nd