Annual VCE Art and Technology Exhibition

Featuring the work of senior students in the areas of Art, Studio Arts, Media, Visual Communication and Design and Technology – Food, Wood and Textiles.

Our Courses

A broad range of Visual and Performing Art subjects is offered to our students. Our courses have been reviewed and re-written in light of the requirements of the Victorian Essential learning Standards. At Berwick College a student is able to select a Performing and Visual Art subject and see it through to VCE.

A core program of units is offered at year 7 in Performing and Visual Art. At year 7 students are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of topics in the Visual and Performing Art areas. They can then select from the following subjects and see it through to VCE level.

Visual Art subjects includes – Art, Sculpture, Art-Textiles, Visual Communication, and Photography.

Performing Art subjects include –Dance, Drama, Media and Music.

Please refer to the 2022 Berwick College Junior School Curriculum Guide or 2022 Berwick College Senior School Curriculum Guide for more detailed information about each of the Units offered at different levels.


Our facilities are state of the art, we have a Performing Art Centre where a range of performances – dance, music and theatre productions are held throughout the year. We have a dance studio and music practice rooms. We are also equipped with a senior Art class where students have the ability to explore a wide range of art styles and practices. A photography room with a darkroom and that also caters to digital photography.

We also offer instrumental music lessons in the following areas woodwind, brass, guitar and drums and present a school production every year.

Senior Students

A comprehensive description of Units offered to senior students can be found on this web site in the 2022 Berwick College Senior School Curriculum Guide.

At Berwick College we offer VCE units 1-4 in the following subjects: Art, Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, Dance, Media, Music Performance and Theatre Studies.