Yrs 7-10 Humanities

Under the AusVELS, ‘the Humanities’ deliver the discipline based learning strands of History (Years 7-10), Geography (Years 7-10), Commerce (Years 9 – 10) and Philosophy (Year 10).  The Humanities is also resonsible for delivering the domain of Civics and Citizenship.

Yr 11-12 Humanities in the VCE

We teach the following VCE subjects:
Geography Units 1 – 4
History: Twentieth Century History Units 1 – 2 / Revolutions Units 3 – 4
Legal Studies Units 1 – 4
Accounting Units 1 – 4
Business Studies Units 1 – 4
Philosophy Units 1 – 4

Our Humanities Courses

Our students are encouraged to travel through time and in virtual space, to become aware of their rights, the law, and their environment. They investigate unsolved ancient mysteries, visit gaols and courtrooms, goldfields, local suburb and coastlines.  They fight alongside soldiers at Gallipoli, build castles, investigate natural disasters and become budding entrepreneurs in the world of small business.

Students have the opportunity to attend various excursions and incursions.  Possibilities include a trip to Sovereign Hill, a beach excursion, trip to the Shrine of Remembrance and the Kakoda Memorial in Year 10, trips to the Melbourne Law Courts and the Yakult Factory in Years 11 and 12 and various field trips in Years 11 and 12 Geography.

The Humanities Classroom

In Years 7 and 8 students use their own iPad.  Other students have access to computers and netbooks, both in the classroom and in the library, for research and presentation. They learn the skills of research, work in groups as well as individually and present their work in a variety of ways including developing websites, 3D model making, film making, written assignments and various other differentiated and elearning based experiences.  Classwork varies from written to oral tasks to more hands on challenges.


Humanities Domain Leader
Mr Kane Armistead
(03) 8768 1044