Berwick College is an Access Asia school, partnering in the equipping of school leaders with innovative programs, community and international partnerships and professional learning to develop globally competent and Asia ready students in our school.

The study of a second language contributes to the overall education of students, enhancing communication, cross-cultural understanding, cognitive development, literacy and general knowledge. Students from Year 7 to Year 12 are offered the core LOTE subject Indonesian.

Pictured below is the first Video Conference between Year 9 Indonesian students and the students at SMA Lokon, our Bridge partnership school.

The study of Indonesian provides access to the culture of non-English speaking communities and promotes understanding of different attitudes and values. Students access the course through a range of resources including audio visual such as documentaries and feature films in Indonesian. Students will study from three prescribed themes over the course of Year 11 and 12: The Individual, Indonesian Communities and The Changing World. This gives students best access to a wide range of vocabulary and issues to enable them to develop the necessary skills for their final Detailed Study and Examinations.

An Indonesian Study Tour is offered bi-annually and students and staff enjoy the annual Night Market.

International connections between College students and staff with teachers and students in Indonesia have been fostered by a class pen pal program and through hosting visiting teachers.