Our Courses

In Junior Maths, (Years 7-9) we consolidate the student’s primary school Maths knowledge and understanding and provide a foundation for extending their mathematical skills through problem solving, use of ICT and project work. We cover a range of topics from Number, Algebra, Measurement, Statistics and Probability and Space.

In Year 10, students have the opportunity to select a mathematical pathway. Options at Year 10 are Essential Maths or General Maths. These units build upon the skills and understanding developed in Year 9, and seek to extend their knowledge of mathematical concepts through problem solving and applications. Exams are conducted each semester from Year 9 onwards.

Our VCE courses include:

  • General Maths Units 1 & 2
  • Mathematical Methods Units 1 & 2
  • Specialist Mathematics Units 1 & 2
  • Further Mathematics Units 3 & 4
  • Mathematical Methods Units 3 & 4
  • Specialist Mathematics Units 3 & 4

Berwick College provides a VCAL program and supports the numeracy teachers in this program with curriculum resources and teaching and learning assistance.

In the Classroom

We provide an effective learning environment through sound classroom practices.

In Years 7-10, data collected from On Demand Testing, Pre-testing and NAPLAN style questions are used to provide a tailored program to cater for individual needs.

Emphasis is placed upon learning to use their calculator efficiently, developing a good work ethic through class tasks and regular homework as well as cooperative group work.

In order to extend their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding, students have access to an ICT rich environment including on-line integrated Maths program, lap tops and scientific and graphic calculators.

Contact Details

Maths Domain Leader Yr 7-12
Ms Melissa Baron
(03) 8768 1031