A video of Hollows students enjoying a Science Lesson – Kendall, Elita and Sahar

Under the Victorian Essential Learning Standards our learning area will deliver the discipline based strand of Science. The dimensions of science knowledge and understanding and science at work are taught to all students from Years 7 – 10. At the college we also offer Psychology as Science subjects in Year 10.

Yr 11-12 Sciences in VCE:

Biology Units 1 – 4
Chemistry Units 1 – 4
Physics Units 1 – 4
Psychology Units 1 – 4

Our Courses

Our Science students explore how the world around them works. They dissect flowers and investigate classification. They become chemists and distil perfume. They look at how our senses detect stimuli from the environment. They explore the human body and dissect hearts and inflate lungs. They explore the solar system. They investigate how plants produce their own food. They bend light with prisms. They investigate tectonic plates and the formation of volcanoes. They investigate motion and genetics along with forensic science. They explore the different types of chemical reactions.

In the Classroom

Students have access to computers in the science pod. They use data logging equipment. All classes are involved in carrying out experiments and using specialist science equipment. Students work both individually and as team members. Many science classes include fieldwork, excursions, guest speakers and special activities for science week. Class work varies from written tasks to practical experiments. Students discuss current issues in science. Students have the opportunities to participate in extension activities such as the Science Talent Search.


Science Domain Leader
Miss Kylie Duncan
(03) 8768 1028