The Dunlop Learning Team takes its name from Sir (Ernest) Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop most known for his courageous work and leadership during the Second World War with prisoners of the Japanese on the Thai–Burma Railway, and his subsequent welfare work for these soldiers. Weary was a selfless and brave man who risked his life on a number of occasions throughout this period of time to help out those in need.

We as a team admire ‘Weary’ for the courageous and resilient person he was and strive to uphold these same values by helping others at every opportunity.

The Dunlop Learning Team therefore prides itself on being courageous individuals who are respectful of others, resilient in times of adversity and who ultimately work together to achieve success.

Our Learning Team Term 3 Newsletter: Digger News Term 3 2018

 Sir Edward Weary Dunlop once said,

“I have a conviction, that only when you are put at full stretch, can you realize your full potential”,

Our 2018 Leadership Team

Learning Team Captains

Jeremy Bond Dakota Babich
Imogen Berry Chandler Taylor
 Learning Team Captain  Learning Team Captain Learning Team Vice Captain Learning Team Vice Captain

Our Homegroup Representatives

Dunlop 1 Shannon Boggie, Shanley Gibbs, Olivia Bourke, Ella Francisco, Imogen Berry, Cody Roberts
Dunlop 2 Suharya Bandara, Mor Flenner, Mae Ovenden-Lloyd, Sam Mayberry
Dunlop 3 Imanya Kodituwakku, Taya Andrew Goodear
Dunlop 4 Ruby Andres, Chloe Connell, Elvin Cehic, Lily Pallant
Dunlop 5 Sharna Free, Jack Greenshields, Jeremy Bond, Dakota Babich
Dunlop 6 Sarah Powh, Chandler Taylor, Sammy Duff, Jessie Newey
Dunlop 7 Leisha Allen, Emily Mollard, Miranda Cheyne, Sophie Boston

Our Home Group Teachers

Dunlop 1 Mr Brendan Allen

Dunlop 2 Ms Bree Villella

Dunlop 3 Ms Julie Clish / Ms Amy Broekmann

Dunlop 4 Ms Caitlin Besim

Dunlop 5 Ms Jessica Adams

Dunlop 6 Ms Chelsea Oliver

Dunlop 7 Mr Rafal Kaplon

Our Student Learning Leaders

Ms Ashleigh Manning
Dunlop Student Learning Leader
8768 1035
Mr Rafal Kaplon
Dunlop Assistant Student Learning Leader
8768 1012