The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development encourages students to attend their neighbourhood school, hence why Berwick College has a neighbourhood zone in place.

Please view the map here: Berwick College Zone Map

Further details are below:

Map 108/9       East of Ernst Wanke Road; south of Harries Court, Brundrett Road, Robinson Road, Halleur Road, Harkaway Road and Boundary Road

Map 110           North of Princes Freeway to Sandalwood Drive; south of Ryelands Drive, Hillcrest Court, Park Hill Drive and Ernst Wanke Road

Map 111           North of Princes Freeway

Map 131           North of Princes Freeway

Map 210/211   South of Boundary Road, Manestar Road, Red Hill Road, Lewis Road to Beaconsfield-Emerald Road; North of Split Rock Road

Map 212/213   North of Tivendale Road, Brown Road, Officer Road, Salisbury Road and Split Rock Road              

Map 214           North of Princes Highway to Tivendale Road; inclusive of Panorama Estate south of Princes Highway (Kenilworth Avenue to Brunt Road)