The PAC facility is used to stage school productions and performing arts nights. The drama faculty uses this facility during the day and some after school activities. It can be hired to community groups in the evenings and weekends via the PAC/Dance Studio Manager (contact details below).

The PAC is a multi-use facility owned and operated by the Berwick College. Since the construction of the facility in 1985, the Management Committee has endeavoured to create a first class community facility. The Dance Studio is an open area measuring 6m x 16m with full length mirrors on one wall. It has a raised stage at one end with seating for musical groups. All income the facilities receive has been, and will continue to be, put back into improvements of the facility. Your continued use of the facility will ensure the funds necessary to make the PAC and Dance Studio first-class community facilities.

Hire Groups

The PAC has been designed to cater for a wide range of college and community uses. Firstly it is a flexible performance space with tiered seating for 170 people and a large open storage area. The seating capacity can be increased by bringing in additional seating. Up to 200 people can be seated comfortably as a theatre, although the performance space is reduced In this case.

The centre has been used successfully for performances of drama, music, dance, and choral. The PAC is also used for calisthenics, public meetings, seminars and a wide range of group activities. Anyone is welcome to use the PAC provided they agree to the Conditions of Use.

The Committee has decided that because the PAC has been constructed primarily for the Performing Arts, preference will be given to groups using it for this purpose. Any group hiring the facility on a weekly basis for leisure activity, sport etc does so with the proviso that if another group wants to perform during their regular booking time, they will be willing to vacate.

The Dance Studio has been successfully used for dance, music groups, calisthenics and martial arts groups.

Priority use

Berwick College is the priority user groups of the facilities outside school hours.

As such, the College will set its use of the facilities as follows:

Semester 1 dates will be set by November 30th of the previous year

Semester 2 dates will be set by April 30th of the same year

All hire groups need to be aware of these dates when making arrangements for their program. The College will endeavour to provide an alternative room for hire groups when the College requires the use of the facilities outside of school hours.

Hire Group Guarantee

The College will not cancel a confirmed booking for semester 1 after November 30th of the previous year and for semester 2 after April 30th of the same year.

Hire Fees

Regular Hire on hourly basis:
PAC or Rooms D2,D3 & D7:                                    $30.00 per hour + $3.00 (GST) = $33.00 per hour
Other Classrooms:                                                   $15.00 per hour + $1.50 (GST) = $16.50 per hour

Casual Hire:
Hire of hall per five hour block:                            $200.00 + $20.00 (GST) = $220.00 per five hour block
Rehearsal hire per session:                                    $100.00 + $10.00 (GST) = $110.00 per session

Stage Lighting:
Stage Lighting per day:                                           $50.00 + $5.00 (GST) = $55.00 per day
Groups to supply their own lighting gels.

Lighting gels are available from:
Tel: (03) 9701 2500
Fax: (03) 9701 2511
138-146 Browns Road
Noble Park 3174

First day:                                                               $70.00 + $7.00 (GST) = $77.00 first day
Every other day:                                                   $35.00 + $3.50 (GST) = $38.50 every other day.

Kitchen:                                                               $15.00 + $1.50 (GST) = $16.50 per day

There is a $300.00 bond for all hirers which will be refunded after use, provided all Conditions of Use are satisfactorily met. Bond and final payment must be paid before the date of hire.

Definite bookings will take precedence over tentative bookings. A public liability certificate must be obtained. Berwick College needs to sight the original and a copy will be kept on file at the school.

It is important when filling in the sheet for proposed facility usage, that you indicate the exact times/days when you will need lighting, sound etc. otherwise you could be overcharged.

Hire of more than one room per session, and a discount of 10% may apply.


Please contact Mr Peter McCall for the Leasing Agreement and Conditions of Use forms.

PAC Facilities Coordinator
Mr Peter McCall
(03) 8768 1091