The Performing Arts Centre (PAC)

The PAC is a multi-use facility owned and operated by Berwick College. It has been designed to cater for a wide range of college and community uses. Firstly it is a flexible performance space with tiered seating for 170 people and a large open storage area. The seating capacity can be increased by bringing in additional seating. Up to 200 people can be seated comfortably as a theatre, although the performance space is reduced in this case.


The Dance Studio

The Dance Studio is an open area measuring 6m x 16m with full length mirrors on one wall. It has a raised stage at one end with seating for musical groups.The Dance Studio has been successfully used for dance, music groups, calisthenics and martial arts groups.


For further information on hiring the Performing Arts Centre or Dance Studio please complete the following enquiry form and the Facilities Administrator will contact you: Facilities Hire Enquiry Form