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2018 Learning Team Captains


Adelle Pool                                               Dante Schmutter

Frost Home Groups:

Frost 1 Ms Irena Arney
Frost 2 Ms Dee Longwill
Frost 3 Mr D’Arcy Garton
Frost 4 Mrs Carla Diaz
Frost 5 Mr Rodney Park
Frost 6 Mr Jesse Ramirez
Frost 7 Mrs Danica Vitalich

Frost 8 Mr Jake Uhlenberg

Irena Arney
Ms Brodie Andersen

Frost Student Learning Leader

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Ms Irena Arney

Frost Student Learning Leader Assistant

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About Dame Phyllis Frost

Team Frost is named after Dame Phyllis Frost in recognition of her charity work for others.

Dame Phyllis Frost was born in 1914. She grew up in Croydon and spent much of her childhood helping her mother at the local church supporting those who were less fortunate than herself. It was this love of helping others that she will mostly be remembered for. She attended school at Presbyterian Ladies College and went on to further study Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. She later returned to university undertaking studies in criminology in order to better understand the minds of female offenders. Her Christian philosophy of ‘love your neighbour’ and treat others as you would like to be treated, together with the belief that it is only in helping others that the human spirit can achieve happiness and rest, underpinned her work.
Career Highlights: By gaining a better understanding of female offenders, she was able to work to assist women in prisons with their diets and to keep their babies with them as they served their sentences.

She started the `Keep Australia Beautiful’ campaign and was associated with the `Freedom from Hunger’ campaign for thirty years, twelve of which she served as the Victorian Chairperson and one as World Chairperson in 1969.

She is patron of the Victoria Relief Committee and has been a member since 1963 and honorary life counsellor, Victorian Women’s Prison Council, since 1999. She was appointed as Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire on the 1st of January 1974 for outstanding service to the community, having been appointed as Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 1963.

The tireless hours she spent with women inmates saw the Victorian Government recognise her achievements by renaming the Deer Park Metropolitan Women’s Correctional Centre the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.
She worked with more than 47 mainly charitable committees and organisations and devoted her life to speaking for young people who, in many cases, had no voice. From a very young age Dame Phyllis was absolutely committed to strengthening and building communities, not just in Victoria, but around the world.

Dame Phyllis Frost Died in 2004 aged 87 years. Pauline Osmond summed up her mothers’ life “I think she was always someone who liked to be a champion of the underdog. She wasn’t a political person in the party sense and she wasn’t a wealthy woman. She was passionate about the causes she believed in, and they weren’t the popular causes, she would try and put the wrongs right.”

As a team we are lucky to be associated with such a fantastic role model and hope to do her name proud in every aspect of our schooling, especially when it comes to supporting our Learning Team Project.