The introduction of the Compass School Management System provides the College community with an improved way of notifying the school of student absences. This streamlined process will save parents time but will also ensure the whereabouts of our students, something of paramount importance to our school, is closely monitored. To assist in the management of student absences the following process needs to be followed.

Parents are required to notify the school by 9 am on the morning of any student absence using the Compass Portal. This can also be done conveniently using the ‘Compass App’ available on Apple and Android devices.

To notify of student absence follow the steps below.

  • Log in to Compass and access your child’s profile. These logins have been emailed to all parents however are available from the school should they be required. You will see the “Add attendance note/ Attendance Approval” link.
  • Click this link and enter the details, the drop-down boxes will provide options.
  • Hit save.

This three-step process is all that is required to notify the school of your child’s absence. You are no longer required to email or phone our Attendance Officers.

Parents of students marked absent without notification can expect to receive as SMS notifying them of their child’s absence by 10.30am.

Please note, notification can be made at any time, however should it not be done by 9 am and recorded using Compass you may still receive an SMS alerting you to your child’s absence.

Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Attendance Officer  Mrs Sharyn Collins on 8768 1086  (24 hour student absence line)
  • Your relevant Student Learning Leader

Please provide a note on the return of your child to school (this is a legal requirement, even if you have called the absence line, please follow up with a note).

Absent From School – Parent Choice Absences

The Department has  two descriptions for ‘parent choice’ absences. Parents may see these two descriptions in the attendance section of Compass.

Parent choice unauthorised are absences where the parent approves but didn’t give a reason or gave a reason that is not health related, that is not a religious/cultural observance, that is a family holiday where Principal approval has not been sought and granted and is not a special circumstance. Unauthorised absences also includes going shopping, visiting friends, missed the bus and attending a concert.

Parent choice school approved are absences where the parent approves the absence and gave a reason that is not health related, that is not a religious/cultural observance, that is a family holiday where Principal approval has been sought and granted. Approved absences also include special circumstances, unavoidable cause, unforeseen circumstances, family member illness.

The Department also uses a range of other descriptions for student absences. Some of the more common descriptions for absence from school are: medical, illness, accident, medical appointment, hospitalised, dentist, TAFE, family holidays, religious/cultural observance, bereavement, work experience, other educational activity and exempt.

Mr Mark Woodbridge Assistant Principal

Maximising Student Attendance

Unless students maintain regular attendance at school, it is unlikely they will achieve their best.  In fact, the benefits go well beyond their years at school as research has confirmed that regular attendance:

  • Develops skills and attitudes such as self discipline, punctuality and being well organised. These skills help students to become “work ready.” Regular attendance at school is more likely to be translated into the workforce.
  • Leads to making friends and learning how to maintain relationships over a period of time.
  • Leads to learning social skills necessary to live and work with others.
  • Promotes learning, performance and enjoyment of school.