Reconciliation Week – In the News

During Reconciliation Week, our College proudly acknowledged Koorie history and culture through students attending the Dreamtime Match at the G and participating in the Long Walk and the City of Casey Flag Raising Ceremony. The Library screened indigenous films and students visited Brentwood and Timbarra Kindergartens. A highlight for our Year 7 students was the presentation with Aunty Marg as she shared her childhood experiences.

The Berwick News yesterday featured our school activities, in particular Holly.

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2016 VCAL Teacher Achievement Award – Team Teaching Award Winners

Ms Duhau and Mr Nettleingham were recognised this afternoon at Federation Square for their delivery of a high quality and innovative program to VCAL students for the past five years.

Ms Duhau and Mr Nettleingham are tireless ambassadors for the VCAL program and passionate educators of our youth.

We are very proud of their achievement.

Pictured below with Ms Judith Graley, Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Ms Bolch and Mr Woodbridge

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Berwick in the News – Market Day

The annual market day organised by VET Small Business students features in the Berwick News – Victorian Education Week.

Congratulations to staff and students for raising more than $2,500 for 14 different charities.

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Flash Back Friday – Presentation Balls

Our Year 11 Debutantes and partners were resplendent on Tuesday and Thursday’s Presentation Balls. Despite some shaky rehearsals, they danced beautifully to proud parents, families, staff and friends. Our thanks to the Rotary Club of Berwick for providing such a wonderful opportunity.

The earliest photos we have of this lovely tradition are from 1986. Countless Debutantes and partners have accepted the challenge of learning new skills and created wonderful memories for the rest of their lives. Photos reflect over 30 years of involvement by the Rotary Club of Berwick who organise this special event for our students and our association with the City of Casey. Debutants have been presented to dignitaries such as past and present Mayors, Council Members, President of Rotary Clubs and Rotarians. Interestingly, Mr Sjaak Kusters, Rotarian was Master of Ceremonies for this year’s Presentation Ball and is acknowledged in our 2008 Presentation Ball memorabilia.

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Berwick College Council Presidents- 40th Anniversary

Mr Ron Wheeldon, founding Council President together with Dr Bruce Coller (founding Secretary), Graeme Sweeney, Marshall Baillieu and Ian Chisholm lobbied the State government as the Berwick Secondary School Promotion Committee before our School Council was formed to ensure Berwick residents were accorded their right to local secondary education. Archives reveal numerous letters to the Board of Works, Office of the Director-General of Education and City of Berwick (Casey). A public rally was held by the Committee and Berwick City Council members on 16/12/1974 to brief parents and citizens of Berwick of the proposal. The hard work of the Committee and support of the City of Berwick resulted in Berwick College being established on ‘Windy Ridge’, Manuka Road in 1977.

We acknowledge with thanks, all the council members over the years who have played an active role and who have given a huge commitment of time in support of the success of our students and the vision of the College.

Many council members donated equipment and physical assistance at working bees to build the lovely grounds we enjoy today.

A passion for education and strong links to the Berwick community ensured high quality facilities for students, staff and the community to use for future generations to come.

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Flash Back Friday – Our Principals

Over the course of 40 years, Berwick College has had 12 exceptional principals who have made a significant difference to generations of students and staff.

They have contributed to Victorian education, are passionate advocates of learning, young people and quality teaching.

Their work and dedication comes with a personal sacrifice of family time and work/life balance so we appreciate the incredible investment they have made to our College. You have each carried the vision “I Shall Grow” with integrity, dignity and courage.

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We have 4 Spaces left for our 7 Day Central Australia Tour

The 7 Day Central Australian Tour, 17/06/2017  to Alice Springs/Uluru has four vacancies.

Please contact Ms Lewis if you would like more information.

Itinerary: 7 Day Central Australian Tour 2017

2016/2017 Central Australia Tour: Payment Schedule

Parents please note: The deposit must be paid by the due date however other payments are suggested to be made by the set dates to ease the payment cost over a longer period. Any amount, or the total amount can be paid at any time. Please make sure payments are made to the school office and clearly marked as Central Australia Camp 2017.

Electronic payments can be made to:

Biller Code: 87361

Reference: Your child’s reference

Deposit: $300.00 payable Thursday 27th October 2016

Payment 2: $400 by 19th November 2016

Payment 3: $400 by February 2nd 2017

Payment 4: $400 by February 16thh 2017

Payment 5: $400 by March 9th 2017

Payment 6: $400 by March 23rd 2017

Please note: Deposit of $300 is not refundable as this is used to secure airfares and land costs.

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Flash Back Friday – Our Crescam

Parents and friends of Berwick College decided what would be our logo/motto “Crescam” in 1976. Mrs Sierakowski , Librarian, suggested the Manuka tea-tree flower which was adapted by Mrs Julie Misso, Art Teacher who designed the badge.

“Crescam” – Is Latin for I shall grow, I shall increase, I shall prosper.

In 1977,  foundation student, Michelle Phillips wrote:

I shall grow, not only in body, but also in mind,

With the knowledge my teachers share with me.

I shall grow in the understanding of my fellow-man,

Helping to relate to his world, and he to mine.

I shall grow with friendship, for without people I am isolated.

I shall grow in the knowledge of my own self-worth,

That I am an individual of value to society.

Our logo has evolved over the years but Berwick College today, continues this strong foundation as our students thrive, make a difference to our community, learn and grow each day.

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Celebrating our 40 Year Anniversary!

This year we are looking forward to celebrating our 40 year Anniversary. Today, Wednesday 1st February 1977, 40 years ago, the first 110 students started school at Berwick High School. Pictured are the four Foundation classes and a snapshot of some of our 1600 students at yesterday’s assembly.

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Berwick College USA Tour 2016

Our Basketball Academy students had an amazing start to the tour witnessing Klay Thompson score 60 points in less than 3 quarters of play in the NBA Pacers VS Warriors game.

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