We love to celebrate literature, written works and various forms of literacy entertainment.

Our Library is fitted with various displays featuring books that celebrate the different times of year, different genres, popular authors and different ways to access information.

We also celebrate Book Week each year by decking out the library in theme, with lots of fun activities, treats and surprises. This year the theme for book week is ‘Curious Creatures Wild Minds’. You can bet it will be a fun one!

We also strive to make the library an engaging and relaxing place for students to spend their lunchtimes. Students can engage with board games at a table, relax on a couch with a book or tablet, or even engage with out regular film screenings in the theatre!


We have a variety of facilities and services available in the library for staff and students. These include:

Computers & Internet Access
Laptops, Ipads & Projectors
Photocopying & Printing Services 
Laminating, Binding and 3D Printing
Daily Newspapers & Archives
Local History Information
Film Theatre
Board & Card Games
Teacher Reference & Class Sets
Class Movies, Documentaries and DVD’s
Class Audio Books
Ebooks & Audiobooks
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We have a variety of books, available for both information and recreation. Our books include:

Non Fiction
Graphic Novels
Senior Fiction (Year 10+)
Short Stories
Real Stories & Biographies
Picture Books
Magazines & Newspapers
Loan Duration:
2 Weeks Non Fiction
3 Weeks for Fiction
Years 7 – 9 can borrow 3 books at a time
Years 10 – 12 can borrow 6 books at a time