Mrs Karen Crawley

Monash Student Learning Leader

(03) 8768 1085

Ms Rebecca Hann

Monash Student Learning Leader Assistant

(03) 8768 1018

Home Group Teachers for 2018

Monash 1: Ms Rebecca Hann

Monash 2: Ms Dewi Mulia

Monash 3: Ms Lauren Varadi

Monash 4: Mrs Corinne Duhau

Monash 5: Mr Chris Pentland

Monash 6: Mr Ben Plant

Monash 7: Ms Jodie Owens

Monash Leaders 2018

We have a group of different student leaders for our Learning Team this year. They will have an important role in the Monash team, meeting regularly with other student leaders and working towards having a greater say in our school community.

Our Student Captains for 2018 are:

Paige Dabb Aya Nahas

It is very exciting to have students new to the leadership group and we look forward to working with them this year.

Attendance Matters!!!!!!!!!!

A huge focus for all Learning Teams is attendance! During HG in Term 1 HG teachers will be setting individual attendance targets with all of our Monash students.

If your son or daughter is absent, it is important that you call the attendance officer Sharyn Collins on 87681051. In addition, please send your son or daughter in with a note to their HG teacher on their return to school.

Another focus of the Home Groups has been report reflections and attendance, this area is extremely important as student results will improve if they have goals and attend every class. Our homegroup teachers have put a lot of time into this and I am sure all students will benefit.

Helping the Community

Service learning is a method that provides students with the opportunity to get involved in meaningful community service. It aims to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. Each year as part of Monash week, Monash learning team gets involved with a community organization. Here is a summary of what the Monash Learning Team has been involved in so far…

In 2013-2015: Starlight Children’s Foundation

In 2012: Zaidees Rainbow Foundation

In 2011: RSPCA awareness, School Chaplaincy Program, BSC Monash Environment initiative.

In 2010: Legacy, Cancer Council.

In 2009: Legacy, RSPCA fundraising Cup Cake Day, BSC Monash Environment initiative.

Why Monash…??

Sir John Monash, was a famous Australian who contributed to almost every level of Australian life.

Sir John Monash, a Melbournian, was born in 1865. He was famous for his intellect and leadership. When he was 16, he became the Dux of Scotch College later earned a degree in engineering at the University of Melbourne. Just after the start of the First World War, he was appointed the Commander of the Fourth Infantry Brigade. After the evacuation of Gallipoli, Monash was transferred to France and promoted to Major-General. In 1918, he was knighted, before returning to action to win the Battle of Hamel and break the Hindenburg Line.

After the war, he returned back to Melbourne, where he became the manager of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. In this position he helped to develop the efficient use of brown coal to make electricity. He became the vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne in 1923; while in this position he advised on military and engineering matters. Sir John Monash died on the 8th of October, 1931, and received a state funeral, where a quarter of a million people attended.

Monash University, the City of Monash, Monash Medical Centre, Monash Freeway, and John Monash Science School are named after him. His face is on Australia’s highest value currency note ($100). Also named in his honour is Kfar Monash (“Monash village”) in Israel,  and the Canberra suburb of Monash. Monash’s success in part reflected the tolerance of Australian society, but to a larger degree his success – in the harshest experience the young nation had suffered – shaped that tolerance and demonstrated to Australians that the Australian character was diverse, multi-ethnic and a blend of the traditions of the “bush” and the “city”.

To follow in the footsteps of this famous Australian, the Monash Learning Team will be involved in a series of community service activities this year. Our brilliant Leadership Team will be working extremely hard to guide the Home Groups through these projects.