Berwick College – Parent Code of Expectations

The Parent Code of Expectations is consistent with DET Guidelines, The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (2001) and the College’s Discipline and Welfare Policy. The Code of Expectations aims to provide direction to parents as to the responsibilities they have to working cooperatively and in partnership with the staff of the College. The core aims of this partnership are to build stronger relationships, enhance communication and ultimately achieve better outcomes for all students.

The parents of the College have developed the following non-negotiable behaviours that will operate within the College.

Parents will:

• Support the consistent implementation of College policies and procedures
• Contact the Home Group teacher as soon as possible in relation to any concerns you have for your son/daughter.
• Display respect, courtesy and support for all members of the College community.
• Be actively interested and involved in the education of their son /daughter and provide a positive learning environment at home.

College Values

Excellence in Learning

1. Achievement

  • Maintain effective lines of communication with staff, particularly Home Group teachers to monitor the progress of their son/daughter
  • Celebrate student success and attend awards nights if their children are involved.

2. Learning Goals

  • Discuss learning goals with their children.
  • Attend Parent Teacher Student interview opportunities.

3. Preparedness

  • Ensure their children have the appropriate equipment for all classes.

Positive Relationships

1. Respect

  • Be polite, cooperative, honest, tolerant and non – discriminatory to all members of the college community and actively encourage their children to do likewise.

2. Relationships

  • Actively work to develop positive relationships with all staff based on mutual trust and respect.
  • Advise the College of any changes in relation to the home address or contact details.

3. Safety

  • Recognise the rights of everyone to feel safe at school.
  • Use self – discipline to resolve all conflict in a non aggressive manner.
  • Contact the school if aware of unsafe practices or behaviours

Personal Growth

1. Attendance

  • Ensure the punctual attendance of their children at school contacting the College promptly if the student is to be absent. A written note should be supplied immediately on the student’s return to school.

2. Pride

  • Ensure their child attends school in full school uniform providing a written note when the policy is breached.

3. Responsibility

  • Support the enforcement of all school policies and where issues arise, discuss these in a calm and courteous manner with staff.
  • Support the completion of and submission of homework and act when notified that the work has not been completed.
  • Value and embrace the learning opportunities provided by the College.

 Use of Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Devices (ipod etc.)

The College accepts that students may require mobile phones to contact home or for personal security. However, students are reminded that mobile phones and ipods or other such devices should not be used or played within class nor should they be used to harass or offend others. If students use such devices in class then teachers may confiscate the item for the day and lodge it for safe keeping in the main office ready for collection by the student at 3.15 pm. Parent contact will result if such devices are used inappropriately or persistently in class.

Personal Items Brought To School At Owner’s Risk

Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. Please note that the DET does not hold insurance for personal property and the College will generally not pay for any loss or damage to such property. Staff and students are therefore discouraged from bringing any unnecessary or particularly valuable items to school.

 Student Early Departure Or Late Arrivals

Parents are asked to provide a written note if a student is to leave school early. Students should have the note signed by their Home Group teacher and then present it at the office prior to signing out. Sometimes students are ill at school and need to go home. Again, parents should advise their child to report to the College Health Centre and the College Nurse will contact home and/or discuss care arrangements or pick up. Similarly, if you know your child will be late to school, please provide a written note to be presented when signing in at the main office.

Student Drivers (Year 12 Students)

The policy of the DET (Regulation number is that: “Students are not permitted under any circumstances to transport other students in private cars in connection with any school program or function whether held during normal school hours or at other times.”

In addition to the above, Berwick College requires that students who have a valid driver’s licence and who drive to and from school can do so provided that:

• Details of the vehicle are registered with the Senior School Coordinators.
• Cars are parked in the lower car park and at the owner’s own risk.
• Cars (and the car park) are out of bounds during school hours.
• Students driving to and from school are not permitted to leave until after their final class for the day.
• Parents apply in writing to the Principal for a student driver to transport their sibling/s to and from school.