Berwick College – Staff Code of Expectations

The Staff Code of Expectations is consistent with DET Guidelines, the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (2001), VIT Code of Conduct and the College’s Discipline and Welfare Policy.

The Code of Expectations aims to provide direction to staff as to their responsibilities to students, parents, other staff members and the wider community. The staff of the College have developed the following non – negotiable behaviours that will operate within the College:

Staff will:

  • Implement College policies and procedures in a consistent manner.
  • Be punctual to, and prepared for all classes, yard duty, meetings and assemblies
  • Display respect, courtesy and support for all members of the college community.
  • Contact parents as soon as practicable when an issue with a student arises
  • Resolve conflict in a non–aggressive manner. 

College Values – Staff Code of Expectations

Excellence In Learning

1. Achievement

  • Provide opportunities for all students to achieve success.
  • Celebrate and communicate student and staff success.

2. Learning Goals

  • Discuss both class and individual student learning goals on a regular basis i.e. at least twice per term

3. Preparedness

  • Be well prepared for all classes and promptly return student work submitted for correction

Positive Relationships

1. Respect

  • Respect the rights of all students to learn and take appropriate action if learning is compromised in classes.
  • Treat everyone fairly and consistently.
  • Show care and compassion for all members of the college community.
  • Be polite, cooperative, honest, tolerant and non-discriminatory to all members of the college community.
  • Leave all classrooms in a suitable state for those following.
  • Pay suitable attention in meetings.

2. Relationships

  • Actively work to develop positive relationships with all students, staff, parents and other community members.
  • Embrace and enforce all school policies in a consistent fashion.
  • Work cooperatively and supportively in both small and larger teams.
  • Communicate with one another in a courteous and professional manner.

3. Safety

  • Recognise the rights of everyone to feel safe at school.
  • Develop a Relational Learning Plan for all classes and apply the plan in a consistent manner.
  • Complete yard duty expectations in a timely and proactive manner.
  • Use self – discipline to resolve all conflict in a non aggressive manner.
  • A restorative approach will form the basis for resolving conflict

Personal Growth

1. Attendance

  • Attend all classes, meetings and assemblies on time.

2. Pride

  • Attend in appropriate standards of dress (smart casual)

3. Responsibility

  • Be responsible for their actions.
  • Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.