Senior School Centre

The Senior School Centre is open between 8.15 am and 5.00 pm each school day. During class time and after school, both Year 11 and 12 students can use the “study centre area for study purposes. After school, the study centre is sometimes used for Year 11-12 students to do SACS and detentions under the supervision of a designated student coordinator.

At other times (before school, recess and lunchtimes) the centre is only available to Year 12 students and the hospitality facilities at these times are for the exclusive use of Year 12 students, Year 11 students may use E2/E3 and Year 10 students may use E6/E7 but only under teacher supervision.

Conditions of Use

The Senior School Centre is available for student use under the following conditions, The space will be closed at the discretion of the student coordinators and Later Years / VCE leader if these conditions are not met:

  • All areas (including classrooms) are kept clean and rubbish is placed (not thrown) in bins
  • Care is taken with all facilities at all times
  • Furniture is left in place
  • The kitchen area is kept clean at all times
  • Bags are not brought into the building (except after school)
  • There is no inappropriate behaviour in any part of the building
  • Students are to report any damage or equipment malfunction to a Student Coordinator
  • Coordinators will not provide: change, paper for printers, staplers etc. Students must ensure that they are properly prepared and have whatever equipment they require. It is a good idea for students to keep some printer paper in a plastic pocket in their folders.