Australian Catholic University (ACU) – Sunday 12 August (Melbourne)
 Box Hill Institute –  Sunday 26th August (Box Hill)
 Deakin University – Sunday 26th August (Burwood)
Federation University – Sunday 26th August (Berwick, Gippsland)
 Holmesglen Institute – Thursday 21st June (all campuses)
 La Trobe University – Sunday 5th  August (Bundoora)
 Melbourne Polytechnic – Sunday 19th August
 Monash University – Saturday 4th August (Peninsula), Sunday th August (Caulfield, Clayton), Sunday 19th  August (Parkville)
 RMIT – Sunday 12 August (City and Brunswick)
 Swinburne University – Sunday 5th August (Bundoora) Sunday 30th July  (Hawthorn)
 University of Melbourne – Sunday 19 August (Parkville & Southbank)
 Victorian University – Sunday 19th  August (Footscray)
 William Angliss – Sunday 12th August (Melbourne CBD)

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Contact Details

For all up to date information regarding Careers at Berwick College, please contact:

Careers Tools Page

Mrs Kate Rolls
(03) 8768 1060

The Career News


Overview of Faculty

Managed Individual Pathways


Contact Details

UMAT Preparation Link

For Jobs in Mining click here

Employment Websites

Coles Supermarkets, Liquorland, Coles Express, First Choice Liquor Superstore

Career Voyage Web Access

Click here to access WIRL Career

Click here to access Careerjet

Click here for the National Directory of Vocational Education and Training (VET) – Organisations and Course information

Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC) Information

For more information about VTAC click here 

Overview of Faculty

Provision of career counselling to students is an important aspect of the services provided at Berwick College. The College has a well equipped and organised Careers Centre, stocked with the latest in information, careers computer programs (Ozjac, Career Voyage, Course Scan), videos, Job Guides, TAFE and university handbooks. The Career Advisor is available to assist students with all careers matters including the following:

  • Subject selection (including course prerequisites)
  • Course selection
  • Career choice
  • Work experience
  • Employment/traineeships, apprenticeships
  • Casual work
  • Provision of careers newsletters
  • Provision of guest speakers on a range of topics
  • Applying for courses post-school

The Careers Centre is located in the Senior School building. All students can access career information and it is open at recess, lunchtime and after school. The Careers Advisor is available to assist students in counselling for subject choice, career choice and post-secondary courses. Students also have access to a range of computer programs designed to assist in career choice.

Managed Individual Pathways

Every student over 15 years of age has the opportunity to be involved in the Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) Program offered at the college. The aim of the MIPs Program is to assist students in obtaining career advice so that they can develop a career plan. While the student has the opportunity to discuss their career aspirations with a counsellor, this counsellor will not structure the career plan for the student. Instead, students will be encouraged to seek out the information they require to develop a career plan and either remain in education and training or successfully move into the workforce.

The MIPs Program has a specific focus for each year level.

  • Year 9 – students will have an introduction to MIPs to begin career investigations.
  • Year 10 – students are encouraged to identify their strengths and weaknesses as
    well as discover the key areas where their interests lie. The ‘Career Voyage’ computer program is used to assist students to identify these areas. Students begin developing their plan and by the end of the program for this year, students will have formulated a Career Plan outlining training/education options for career areas.
  • Year 11 – students develop a Career Portfolio and pathways are discussed in greater detail.
  • Year 12 – students are encouraged to explore further their future directions. Students attend cluster meetings where training/education options and pathways are discussed in greater detail. Students are also advised on how to access and choose preferences within the VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) system.

Career Newsletter

A fortnightly career newsletter which informs students of careers issues such as Open Days, Career Expos, new university and TAFE courses, course information, how to find a suitable career, job trends, career information sessions, and the different options post school. Newsletters are available on the Parent Portal.

Game of Life – Year 10 Students

All Year 10 students have the opportunity to complete Work Experience.

In this unit students will develop personal career goals and pathways. This will involve researching a career of their choice, developing a resume and cover letter and also develop the skills to attend a job interview. They will also complete a week of compulsory work experience and the safe@work Occupational Health and Safety training as part of the course. Please note that this training is now a mandatory requirement of work experience and students are not permitted to undertake work experience without it.

Students will also develop a wide range of valuable life skills that will equip them to handle the challenges of being an adolescent in today’s society. They will cover topics such as;

  • Drug and Alcohol education
  • Sexual education
  • Positive and respectful relationships
  • Social media awareness
  • Mental Health

Work Experience Arrangement Form and Structured Workplace Learning Arrangement Form


Proposed Work Experience with Animals Summary of Students Experience Form

Structured Workplace Learning Travel and Accommodation Form

Work Experience Guidelines for Working with Animals