There are a range of ICT facilities available for use by students and staff at Berwick College. For all enquires regarding Information Communication Technologies at Berwick College, including bring your own device (BYOD), computer facilities and access, please contact Ms Rebecca Hann.

As of the start of 2017 all students in Years 10, 11 & 12 will be required to have a device suitable for the research, submission and production of school work.  It is the intention of the College to ensure that the devices are used in a collaborative learning environment that allow students access to shared resources, online research and educational forums such as TED.

The device must meet the minimum specifications as indicated below, in order to access the Berwick College network.

  • AC Wireless card – operating speed 5 GHz

The College recommends that the device itself be robust enough to withstand the rigours of being transported to and from school, and subsequently used daily within a classroom environment for at least two years. We would also recommend the purchase of a suitable protective case. Available and suitable devices include netbooks, chrome books and laptops, but not phones.

To assist parents in making an informed decision regarding the purchase of a device the College has worked with JBHI FI to create an online portal. This allows parents to view a range of devices that meet the required specification at a range of different prices. You are able to purchase directly through the portal, and there is availability for a number of different payment options via the site. Please use the link below to access the portal.       BC2017

Alternatively you may source a device from another supplier but it must be compliant with the College’s network as indicated above. All iPads from 2016 may be continued to be used and already operate at 5 GHz. The addition of a keyboard is highly recommended due to the nature of the work requirements and submission in particular ‘Digital Technology’, a new subject in 2017.

Should you have any queries regarding the technical specification these can be directed to the ICT Technical Support team on 87681014 or 87681025.

eWorkspace & Parent Portal

eWorkspace is the system that staff use for internal messaging, recording student attendance, booking resources and storing a wide range of administrative documents for easy access by staff. Linked to eWorkspace is the Parent Portal where parents can look up their child’s attendance records, timetable, and Semester reports, as well as make bookings for parent teacher interviews each Semester.

Network Access


To use the school network (Intranet, Internet and e-mail), both teachers and students must have a username and password. These are issued at the start of each school year. Any difficulties with logging in should be referred to the ICT Leader or ICT Technicians.

Changing Passwords

If a student forgets their password they need to provide either the ICT Leader or Technicians with proof of identity and request a change of password.

Internet Access

When logging in to our network all users are presented with the “Terms of Use” of our network and the Internet. By proceeding, the user agrees that they will use the College’s network, Internet and e-mail facilities in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner. Disciplinary action will be taken if this agreement is breached.

Download or view the Terms of Use Agreement.

Students and parents are also required to sign the Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet and Digital Technologies.


All material accessed, introduced or generated on the College’s computer system must be of a suitable nature for a secondary college, and is to be open to the scrutiny of any Berwick College staff member. Such material must be provided on request. The network is regularly inspected and audited for both inappropriate files and disk space usage.

Consequences for students dealing with unsuitable material, or inappropriate use of equipment or programs, will vary from withdrawal of the use of the facilities to more serious punishments such as suspension. More specific conditions of use are on display as users login to the network.


The College puts a quota on the amount of printing a student can do from the network. Students can see the Library Resource Centre Staff to pay additional funds to have their printing quota extended.

ICT Technical Support

The College has a team of ICT Technicians who maintain the network infrastructure, service and repair the desktop and portable computers, and respond to requests for support from both staff and students.


Digital Learning Coordinator
Ms Rebecca Hann
(03) 8768 1028