Berwick College – Student Code of Expectations

This Student Code of Expectations is consistent with DET Student Engagement Guidelines, the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act (2001) and the College’s Discipline and Welfare Policy.

Berwick College believes that student discipline and welfare is the collective responsibility of staff, students and parents.

This Student Code of Expectations aims to provide all students with a safe and supportive learning environment. It encourages personal responsibility and self-discipline and clearly outlines the behaviour expected of students when they are at school, on a school activity or travelling to and from school.

The students of the College have developed the following non – negotiable behaviours that will operate within the College.

Students will:

  • Not engage in any type of bullying activities.
  • Resolve conflict in a non-aggressive manner.
  • Demonstrate respect for others as well as their local environment.
  • Work to the best of their abilities.
  • Use courtesy and appropriate language when dealing with other members of the community.

Breaches of the Student Code of Expectations

Breaches of the Code may result in a range of sanctions that are consistent with the College’s Discipline and Welfare Policy and the DET Student Engagement Guidelines.

College Values

Excellence in Learning

We strive to do our best, we consider new ideas and encourage best practice and we select our learning opportunities.

1. Achievement

  • Take advantage of opportunities to achieve success.
  • Success will be recognised and celebrated.

2. Learning Goals

  • Strive to achieve their own personal learning goals and recognise and appreciate the strengths and achievements of others.

3. Preparedness

  • Bring all appropriate equipment and resources to each class.

Positive Relationships

We treat others with consideration and understanding, we are truthful and trustworthy and we work with others.

1. Respect

  • Respect the rights of others to learn without distraction
  • Treat everyone fairly
  • Show care and compassion for others
  • Be polite, co-operative, honest, tolerant and non-discriminatory to all members of the school community

2. Relationships

  • Develop positive relationships with fellow students and staff.

3. Safety

  • Recognise the rights of everyone to feel safe at school
  • Use self-discipline to resolve all conflict in a non- aggressive manner. A restorative approach will form the basis of resolving conflict.

Personal Growth

We meet our expectations, we are responsible and accountable for our actions and we work with effort, energy and persistence.

1. Attendance

  • Attend all classes, home group & assemblies on time

2. Pride

  • Take pride in themselves, their school and their environment.


  • Be responsible for their actions.