Foundation VCAL – Certificate of Applied Learning

Foundation VCAL is an introduction to the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning for Year 10 students. Students’ eligibility will be assessed through an interview with the VCAL coordinator, parents and student.

Foundation VCAL is for:

  • Students who want to pursue a vocational pathway.
  • Students who are ‘at risk’ of non-completion of Year 12 or its equivalent.
  • Students who have been disengaged from the mainstream curriculum for a number of years.
  • Students who would benefit from an applied learning approach to integrated curriculum.
  • Students whose literacy and numeracy levels would benefit from a non-traditional approach to the teaching of English and Mathematics.

All Foundation VCAL students attend school three days per week and are enrolled in literacy, numeracy, personal development skills and work related skills. They also enrol in one elective subject each semester.

Students must also attend structured workplace learning one day per week and enrol in a Vocational Education and Training (VET) certificate one day per week.

Foundation VCAL Contact Details

Applied Learning Leader
Mr Julian Walton
(03) 8768 1072