At Berwick College we aim to provide a learning community for all our students through:

EXCELLENCE IN LEARNING: Berwick College fosters the pursuit of knowledge and skills. We strive to do our best, we consider new ideas and encourage best practice, and we select our learning opportunities.

RICH AND VARIED PATHWAYS: Berwick College aims to prepare each person for diverse pathway choices and to make a successful transition into further education, training and employment.

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: Berwick College uses democratic processes in its decision making and promotes social justice and equality of opportunity. We treat others with consideration and understanding, we are truthful and trustworthy, and we work with others.

PERSONAL GROWTH: Berwick College values the unique qualities of each person and accepts their worth as individuals. We meet our expectations, we are accountable for our actions and we work with effort, energy and persistence.

Our Values – ICARE

At Berwick College we are implementing School Wide Positive Behaviour Support within our school. This form of Behaviour Management varies from many historical behaviour management plans in that School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) operates on the premise that as well as being learners of Literacy and Numeracy, children are also learners of behaviour. Under this model, it is the role of the teachers (and school community members) to explicitly teach children appropriate behaviours and to set explicit behaviour expectations. The program also recognises that some children are more skilled in this area than others. 

Berwick College’s ICARE Program: Our school community has identified and defined our five school values: (Inquiry – Our Learning, Cooperation – Our Community, Achievement – Our Growth, Resilience – Our Character, Empathy – Our Awareness).

We have created matrices of expected behaviours that reflect these five values.
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To support the implementation of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support we will collaboratively develop a collection of sample lesson plans for teaching the different behaviour expectations around the five values. We use data and feedback to plan our School Wide Positive Behaviour Teaching Program and the areas of the focus for different times of the year. Teachers will use SWPBS explicit lessons in unison with the Respectful Relationships program, which focus on the interpersonal and emotional skills that ensure student success.  

When a student displays the ICARE values, the following will occur: 
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