Berwick College Council Presidents- 40th Anniversary

Mr Ron Wheeldon, founding Council President together with Dr Bruce Coller (founding Secretary), Graeme Sweeney, Marshall Baillieu and Ian Chisholm lobbied the State government as the Berwick Secondary School Promotion Committee before our School Council was formed to ensure Berwick residents were accorded their right to local secondary education. Archives reveal numerous letters to the Board of Works, Office of the Director-General of Education and City of Berwick (Casey). A public rally was held by the Committee and Berwick City Council members on 16/12/1974 to brief parents and citizens of Berwick of the proposal. The hard work of the Committee and support of the City of Berwick resulted in Berwick College being established on ‘Windy Ridge’, Manuka Road in 1977.

We acknowledge with thanks, all the council members over the years who have played an active role and who have given a huge commitment of time in support of the success of our students and the vision of the College.

Many council members donated equipment and physical assistance at working bees to build the lovely grounds we enjoy today.

A passion for education and strong links to the Berwick community ensured high quality facilities for students, staff and the community to use for future generations to come.