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Berwick College Dance Academy commencing in 2015

Berwick College will be commencing a Dance Academy in 2015 for Year 7 and Year 8 students.  This Academy will prepare students for VCE dance and other opportunities.  Students enrolled in the Berwick College Dance Academy will have the opportunity to increase their skills in all areas of dance by participating in professional dance classes, taking part in the School Spectacular, inter-school dance competitions and many other opportunities.

An information night for potential students will be held in he Berwick College Performing Arts Centre on Tuesday 20th May from 7-8pm.

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Office Hours


Office Hours

Mon–Thu            8.15am–4.00pm
Friday                   8.15am–4.00pm

Payments:        8.30am–4.00pm


Contact the College:
Address:       Manuka Road, Berwick   3806
Telephone:  8768 1000
Facsimile:    9707 2533


Berwick Secondary College Newsletter
Berwick Secondary College notifies parents by email when newsletters are published. Newsletters are published three times per term. If you missed a notification, all this year’s newsletters can be accessed on the Berwick Secondary College website.


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Message from Victoria Police

The school holidays are fast approaching and the extended break over the Christmas period is an exciting and eagerly awaited time for all schools.
As exciting as it is, it is also a time when some young people engage in behaviour that not only impacts on themselves in a negative way but also the community as a whole.
Some of the issues over this period include:

Theft offences at shopping centres (Shoplifting)
Property damage offences around schools and other community locations
Assaults at teenage parties that are often alcohol/drug related

The consequences of this type of criminal behaviour can involve a young person being arrested by police, interviewed and potentially ending up in the Children’s Court.  The resulting police/criminal record comes with long term disadvantage as future employment and even travel overseas may be affected.
Christmas also brings safety concerns for young people with some becoming victims of road trauma.   Something as simple as wearing a helmet while riding a bike not only ensures you will not be fined by police ($180) but also goes along way to minimising injury if you are involved in a collision.
Casey Youth Resource Officers – 59910612

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Student Leadership

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the armistice, which ended the First World War (1914–18). On Tuesday, 11th November students Mark Morante and Amy Lane represented Berwick Secondary College at the Remembrance Day service held on Berwick Main Street by the Berwick RSL.
As expected the ceremony was emotionally charged and illustrated the journey from war to peace and provided a touching tribute to those who fought hard to give us the safe and war free place we live in.
Ms Lexie McGill

Student Leadership Coordinator


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On Wednesday 18th of September, Berwick Secondary College and Timbarra P-9 College embarked on a joint study tour to Indonesia. The tour ran for ten days and encompassed three locations across Bali and Java: Jogjakarta, Ubud and Sanur. This enabled students to witness a variety of geographical landscapes and lifestyles, whilst providing them with a hands-on understanding of traditional recipes, dance styles, musical instruments and batik. Students also visited many key landmarks (including ancient temples, a volcano and the Sultan’s palace) and had many opportunities to practise their language skills. This included chatting to Indonesian students at a local school in Bali and bargaining for items at the market. It is of no surprise that many students are already planning their next trip back!
We wish each student luck for their future Indonesian studies and thank them for their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm. They made us very proud!
Ms Liana Mannens and Ms Michelle Lewis
Indonesian Teachers
During the month of September, a class of 19 Indonesian students had the privilege of exploring Indonesia. We travelled to three incredible locations: Jogyakarta, Ubud, and Sanur.

Mandy Harvey and Hayley Stevens

Our first destination, Jogyakarata, was a new experience for all. Motorbikes filled the streets as we ventured around the markets and city; but the main highlight was Borobudur, the world’s biggest Buddhist temple. Racing to the top of the temple at 4am, we watched as the sun rose behind a huge volcano, Mount Merapi. This was a beautiful start to our 10-day adventure!
From here we travelled to the island of Bali, first staying in Ubud, the artist central. Here we walked through mesmerising rice fields and experienced the culture by visiting traditional markets and temples. The markets were packed full of […]

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Past Teacher Honoured

Former Berwick Secondary College teacher Mr Robert Taylor has been admitted to the general division of the Order Of Australia in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours. Mr Taylor received the honour for his 60 year contribution to the Scouting movement and for his dedication in helping the community.
Mr Taylor began his Scouting career as an eight year old in the Cub Scouts, going on to become leader of the Upper Beaconsfield Scouts in 1985 and eventually becoming Chief Commissioner of Scouts Victoria in 2008.
Mr Taylor’s willingness to help others in the community was displayed when he wasn’t afraid to lend a hand during the Ash Wednesday bushfires in 1983. He helped fight the flames that were encroaching on the home of another former Berwick Secondary College teacher, Mr Rob Hansen. Furthermore, he played a key role in the redevelopment of the Upper Beaconsfield cricket ground, after it was turned into a makeshift tip in the aftermath of the Ash Wednesday bushfires. He is also a life member of the Upper Beaconsfield Cricket Club and the West Gippsland Cricket Association where he has been Chairman for the past 20 years.