Flash Back Friday – Our Crescam

Parents and friends of Berwick College decided what would be our logo/motto “Crescam” in 1976. Mrs Sierakowski , Librarian, suggested the Manuka tea-tree flower which was adapted by Mrs Julie Misso, Art Teacher who designed the badge.

“Crescam” – Is Latin for I shall grow, I shall increase, I shall prosper.

In 1977,  foundation student, Michelle Phillips wrote:

I shall grow, not only in body, but also in mind,

With the knowledge my teachers share with me.

I shall grow in the understanding of my fellow-man,

Helping to relate to his world, and he to mine.

I shall grow with friendship, for without people I am isolated.

I shall grow in the knowledge of my own self-worth,

That I am an individual of value to society.

Our logo has evolved over the years but Berwick College today, continues this strong foundation as our students thrive, make a difference to our community, learn and grow each day.

Crescam I Shall Grow