Message from Victoria Police

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The school holidays are fast approaching and the extended break over the Christmas period is an exciting and eagerly awaited time for all schools.

As exciting as it is, it is also a time when some young people engage in behaviour that not only impacts on themselves in a negative way but also the community as a whole.

Some of the issues over this period include:

  • Theft offences at shopping centres (Shoplifting)
  • Property damage offences around schools and other community locations
  • Assaults at teenage parties that are often alcohol/drug related

The consequences of this type of criminal behaviour can involve a young person being arrested by police, interviewed and potentially ending up in the Children’s Court.  The resulting police/criminal record comes with long term disadvantage as future employment and even travel overseas may be affected.

Christmas also brings safety concerns for young people with some becoming victims of road trauma.   Something as simple as wearing a helmet while riding a bike not only ensures you will not be fined by police ($180) but also goes along way to minimising injury if you are involved in a collision.

Casey Youth Resource Officers – 59910612

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