Developing a Career Pathway at Berwick College

At Berwick College, we understand that all students have a variety of learning styles, dreams and ambitions. We have many study options via our ‘Managed Individual Pathways’ (MIPS) program and are committed to providing all students with the necessary support, guidance and resources for the development of their chosen career pathway.

Using the most up-to-date tools available, our aim is to assist students with their:

  • Career choice
  • Course selection
  • Subject selection (including course prerequisites)
  • Work experience and structured workplace learning (SWL) options and placement
  • Employment/traineeships, apprenticeships
  • Casual and volunteer work
  • Application for courses post-secondary school

 Years 7 – 9

During these years, students are supported with the development of their vocational awareness and identifying their strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Year 7: ‘I Discover’ – Students discover their strengths and talents.

Year 8: ‘I Explore’ – Students explore the world of work and their place in it.

Year 9: ‘I Focus’ – Students focus on their values and interests.

Years 10 – 12

As our students approach the senior stage of their secondary schooling, they are encouraged to refine the key areas where their interests lie and begin developing their career plan.

Year 10: ‘I Plan’ – Students use decision-making skills to plan their learning and career programs. They also have the opportunity to complete one week of work experience as part of their compulsory subject, Game of Life.

Year 11: ‘I Decide’ – Students decide on their best options and opportunities.

Year 12: ‘I Apply’ – Students apply their skills and knowledge to their learning and career planning