Asbestos in Schools

Asbestos was used significantly in the building industry up until 1985 when it was banned as a product in the use of all aspects of construction. Berwick College is 33 years old and as such had asbestos used when it was built and this would be the same for any school built pre 1985 in Australia.

None of the buildings built post 85′ at the College contain asbestos and much of what was present in the College has been removed over the years. What remains is generally found in the glue used to adhere tiles to the floor, in the eves of the older buildings or as heating guards around boiler flues.  All asbestos in the College has been inspected and is safe. It presents no danger to students or staff.

The College has a clear asbestos management plan and all asbestos is inspected every 3 months in accordance with the Department of Education’s OHS requirements. The College underwent a full independent asbestos audit last year and we are fully compliant with the legal requirements for the management of asbestos. Worksafe Victoria is aware of our processes, and commented on how effective they are.

The new ‘Yellow & Blue’ stickers that have been placed around the school are supplementary to our existing processes, and are there to notify sub-contractors or persons prior to commencing work on site. The College already did this but the updated stickers have been put up by Department of Education in all schools in Victoria to standardise the process.