What is the BCDA?

The Berwick College Dance Academy (BCDA)  is a full-time academic and dance program, which will link students’ educational pursuits with their performing arts interests. The program caters for passionate and aspiring artists, increases student engagement and improves student outcomes. It is designed to prepare students for VCE Dance,
VET Dance and Theatre Studies, as well as the world of professional dance. The course looks at units such as safe dance practice, flexibility vs. warm up, anatomy of a dancer and nutrition.

The program caters for many styles of dance including Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre and Hip-hop as well as options to undertake Music and Drama. Students will also study a range of core subjects that include Mathematics, English, Humanities, Physical Education, Science and LOTE.

The BCDA has a focus on individual pathways, 21st Century learning and the creation of a professional resume and portfolio. As well as learning from an industry expert at the College, students will engage in an extensive dance program including professional workshops, excursions and incursions, performances within the College as well as in the local and wider community. Each and every student will be provided with a rich and meaningful experience that aims to excite and motivate students to reach their creative passions.

Dance Tour to New York City 2018

Following is the proposed itinerary that offers students the opportunity to challenge themselves and learn as much as they can through exposure to new places, cultures and interactive learning activities. Experiences including private Dance classes at Steps on Broadway, guided tour at Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts and Dance, guided Hip Hop Walking Tour and pre-performance workshop at the American Ballet Theatre are included.

Berwick College USA 2018 – Itinerary and Berwick College USA Tour 2018 Information

BCDA New York City Fundraiser

The BCDA’s Focus

The Berwick College Dance Academy (BCDA) is aimed at providing an integrated academic pathway driven by young students’ dance and performing arts aspirations.

This elite program allows young students to enhance and develop their dancing talent while concurrently receiving their secondary education. It is crucial to the BCDA that students’ academic pursuits are of the highest priority and that each student’s interest and aspiration in dance assists them in achieving high results both academically and within dance.

The BCDA’s Commitment

  • Providing strong pastoral care for all students.
  • Constant monitoring of academic performance and achievements.
  • Providing a unique high quality specialised dance program, allowing students to reach their full potential in their selected area of dance.
  • Creating skills within the Academy’s students to provide unique opportunities aimed at future employment.
  • Use of reflective practice
  • Make increased use of national and local arts resources
  • Embrace challenge, innovation and change.

The BCDA’s Student Commitment

Successful applicants will be required to sign a BCDA contract which outlines their commitment to the academy. Students will be required to attend minimal rehearsals outside of school hours however, to ensure students are able to fit in all core subjects period zero classes will be running for some year levels. A period zero class commences at 8am and concludes at 8:50am. Students will be required to take part in the school production which will require them to stay back at school Wednesday’s 3:30pm to 5:30pm for a rehearsal period of approximately three months. Students who have dance classes during this time will be exempt.

The contract will also outline that if academic achievement in all core subjects is not at a satisfactory level students will be placed on a warning and if there is no improvement students may be asked to exit the BCDA.

BCDA’s Classroom

Our classroom will focus on techniquestrength and flexibility whilst students build upon fundamental skills in Years 7, 8 and 9. As students develop and master these skills the focus will shift to gaining more experience and confidence in performing in both troupes and solos.

Our classroom will also include:

  • Inspiration from a broad range of sources, including dance styles from different cultures
  • Offering unique opportunities in the Arts and historical contexts
  • Opportunities to transfer skills,knowledge and understanding from the classroom into the workplace and the broader community
  • Self and peer evaluations where students regularly review and amend their work opportunities to explore and develop knowledge of local and global values – Opportunities to work in diverse teams within and beyond the school
  • Challenging tasks that allow students to create, justify and reflect on their learning
  • Encouragement for students to be independent in the completion of tasks
  • Investigations and inquiries that require sustained thinking and deep understanding

BCDA Application form 2019

DanceStar 2017 Information -solos duos

Berwick College Choreographic Dance Competition 2018 Updated with QKR

BCDA Behaviour Contract