Health Centre

The Health Centre is located in the Health and Wellbeing Centre. Hours are 8.45am – 3.00pm.

Important Points

  • Berwick College is committed to providing a safe, healthy and supportive environment for all staff and students
  • The College Nurse oversees the Health Centre and provides temporary care for sick or injured students and staff
  • Parents/carers will be contacted if a student is injured or sick as soon as practicable
  • Contact number and address details of all parents/carers & emergency contacts need to be updated promptly if they have changed
  • Please contact the Nurse if there are any health issues or injury.

Signing In and Out

Signing in and out is a safety issue. If students become ill during the day or have to leave for any reason, it is critical that they report to the College Nurse so she can phone the parent or carer. Students are not to make their own arrangements to go home. If the student has a note from the parent/carer they must have it endorsed by their Home Group teacher or Learning Team Leader before signing out at the Office.


  • NO medication should be in the student’s possession other than Ventolin or similar medication for the relief of Asthma.
  • Pain Relief Permission Form to be completed for the Nurse to administer Paracetamol (form obtainable from the office)
  • Regular or alternative medication to paracetamol MUST be stored in the Health Centre
  • Covering note & discussion with the Nurse is required
  • It is preferable for medication to be given in its original box/package.

Head Lice

  • Head lice inspections are performed by the Nurse (an ‘Opt Out’ form is to be completed if you do not wish your child to be inspected by the Nurse).
  • Students with head lice will be sent home
  • Students must be treated with the correct shampoo treatment
  • Students to report to the Nurse on return to the school.

Further information can be obtained from the College Nurse.


  • We are an Asthma Friendly school
  • If your child is asthmatic, please ensure he/she has a bronchodilator
  • Please complete an “Asthma Management Plan”, obtainable from the Nurse and return to the Health Centre.

For further useful information please visit:


Anaphylaxis is life threatening! An EpiPen must be provided for anaphylactic students and must be renewed regularly, as it has a short use-by date. An Action Plan for Anaphylaxis must be completed. The EpiPen must be taken on camps and excursions. Students without an EpiPen will not be allowed on camps/excursions.
You can find further helpful information on the following website:

College Nurse Contact Details

Lisa Carter
(03) 8768 1020