Berwick College Crescam – I shall grow, I shall increase, I shall prosper…

The strong focus on excellence in learning has provided our students with varied pathways to rich and exciting careers. We love to celebrate and recognise some of the achievements and connections we have with Berwick College past students, staff and families. It is a powerful endorsement of the positive relationships and success of our College when former students return after completing their studies to work at our school and also children and grandchildren of past students commence their secondary schooling. All becoming part of the vibrant learning community.

Past Students               Reunions

Where are you now?

Berwick College students continue to thrive and make a difference to the Berwick community and across the world. We want to hear from you and learn about where your secondary schooling has taken you. Please fill in this short form.

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    Thank you for sharing, we are proud of our students, past and present and look forward to being in contact. Berwick College handles your personal information in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2000 and College policy. Please contact if you have any enquiries.

    Giving Back/ Paying it forward

    Current students love to hear words of encouragement from our alumni. Please share your story with our past, current and future students. The following are suggested topics you may want to write about:

    • A highlights of your time at Berwick College
    • How did your secondary schooling prepare you for the future or word of advice on the journey from secondary school to apprenticeship, business, university etc?
    • Take the opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of past and present staff.
    • Please help us remove barriers to learning through supporting a vulnerable student in the provision of books or fees for a particular course. A small tax-deductable gift can change a young person’s life and help them pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. Please contact our College on

    Berwick College 40th Anniversary Dinner!

    Over 50 guests, past students and past and present staff came together to celebrate the history and reminisce on the journey of Berwick College. Mr Rob Hansen spoke of his privilege to be a Foundation teacher and College Captains Noah O’Halloran and Borna Masoudi interviewed 1990 student and College Captain, Mr Darren Irvine. The College Vocal Ensemble and Stage Band entertained our guests, performing compilations from each decade under the expert direction of Mr Michael Couche. Ms Kerri Bolch, principal, acknowledged Dr Bruce Coller, who played a major part in the establishment of our College and foundation students Trevor, Jane, Melissa and Natalie (pictured below). Valued partners, the Rotary Club of Berwick  and City of Casey Councilors Cr Susan Serey and Cr Tim Jackson were thanked for their wonderful support of our school. The Pakenham Gazette published a lovely report of our 40th Anniversary Dinner. Forty years on the enduring community partnerships and close bonds of friendship are a testament to the founding vision ‘Crescam’ I shall grow, I shall increase, I shall prosper’.