On Wednesday 18th of September, Berwick Secondary College and Timbarra P-9 College embarked on a joint study tour to Indonesia. The tour ran for ten days and encompassed three locations across Bali and Java: Jogjakarta, Ubud and Sanur. This enabled students to witness a variety of geographical landscapes and lifestyles, whilst providing them with a hands-on understanding of traditional recipes, dance styles, musical instruments and batik. Students also visited many key landmarks (including ancient temples, a volcano and the Sultan’s palace) and had many opportunities to practise their language skills. This included chatting to Indonesian students at a local school in Bali and bargaining for items at the market. It is of no surprise that many students are already planning their next trip back!

We wish each student luck for their future Indonesian studies and thank them for their exemplary behaviour and enthusiasm. They made us very proud!

Ms Liana Mannens and Ms Michelle Lewis
Indonesian Teachers


During the month of September, a class of 19 Indonesian students had the privilege of exploring Indonesia. We travelled to three incredible locations: Jogyakarta, Ubud, and Sanur.
Indo trip 1
Mandy Harvey and Hayley Stevens

Our first destination, Jogyakarata, was a new experience for all. Motorbikes filled the streets as we ventured around the markets and city; but the main highlight was Borobudur, the world’s biggest Buddhist temple. Racing to the top of the temple at 4am, we watched as the sun rose behind a huge volcano, Mount Merapi. This was a beautiful start to our 10-day adventure!

From here we travelled to the island of Bali, first staying in Ubud, the artist central. Here we walked through mesmerising rice fields and experienced the culture by visiting traditional markets and temples. The markets were packed full of beautiful artwork, which we all wanted to buy. It was truly captivating!

Our last stop was Sanur, closer to the tourist centre of Bali. Here we visited the Waterbom Park, relaxing in the cool water and taking breaks from the hot sun. On Sanur’s beachside, we saw little pools of baby sea turtles in a local conservation area. The babies are kept in the pools until they grow strong enough to survive the journey down to the water, and are then let go. The babies were adorable and funny to watch.

This trip provided us with first-hand experience of the country we have studied for many years. By visiting Indonesia, we have grown more confident in ourselves and in the classroom. We are all planning our next trip back!

Georgia Maclean and Kerri Tolmie
Year 11 students

During my study tour to Indonesia, I experienced many new and exciting things. At no point of the trip was I bored! Even when we were relaxing at the hotel, I couldn’t stop smiling. Everything was so great and there were so many golden moments, both funny and brilliant. My best moment – if I had to choose just one – would have to be the Mount Merapi tour and jeep ride. This is because not only did we have an amazing drive with the nicest driver, but we also got to see the effects a previous eruption had on the houses and everyday items inside. Also, one of our teachers pointed out that the massive trench that went through the middle of the mountain (it looked like a giant mining site), was actually where the mass of lava had been flowing less than 4 years ago. Everything in Indonesia was absolutely amazing and opened my eyes to how lucky I was to even have a computer to be writing this report. These experiences have truly opened my eyes to the way others live, and I would definitely recommend it to my other friends studying Indonesian. I hope to go again in Year 12.

Indo trip 2Shannyn McArthur
Year 9 student