Enrolment at Year 7

If your child is in Year 6 at a government primary school, your primary school will give you an Application for Year 7 Placement Form to complete in Term 2. On this form you will be asked to list three secondary schools in order of preference. This form is returned to your primary school. If Berwick College is listed as your first preference, the primary school will forward the information to our Junior School Leader, Mrs Michelle Lewis.

If your child attends an independent primary school, you may  contact the general office on (03) 8768 1000 for further information.

An Information Evening will be held each year where information is provided to parents about the application process and what Berwick College has to offer your child.

The Berwick College Prospectus and Online Presentation available  https://drive.google.com/file/d/150HhiHEGQTtwlKajdFkdCCDjU_DN4CvV/view?usp=sharing provide an overview of our programs and facilities.

Students residing outside the Berwick College neighbourhood zone boundaries who are applying to Berwick College will need to attach a letter from their parent or guardian to the Application for Year 7 Placement form stating specific reasons for applying for enrolment.  All applications are individually reviewed and assessed in line with the Department’s Placement Policy and against capacity, however placement is only guaranteed for students who reside within our zone. For more information, refer the enquiry to the VSBA Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email vsba@edumail.vic.gov.au

The most up-to-date information about all Victorian school zones can be found online at findmyschool.vic.gov.au or Zone Information This website is the single source of truth. Other websites are not endorsed by the Department of Education and Training and are not considered accurate.

For enrolments after the start of the academic year, please follow the year 8-12 Enrolment procedure

For further information, contact the General Office on (03) 8768 1000.

For specific enquiries, contact the Junior School Leader,  Mrs Michelle Lewis, by email enrolments@berwickcollege.vic.edu.au

Students applying to the Basketball Academy (BCBA) / Dance Academy (BCDA) or the High Achievers Program (HAP)

Students who are applying to the Basketball Academy, Dance Academy or the High Achievers Program must complete the Application for Year 7 Placement form to enrol at the College, in addition to the Basketball Academy/Dance Academy/High Achievers Program Application Form.

The ‘Application for Year 7 Placement’ form, provided by your child’s primary school in Term 2, is the official application form for enrolment to Berwick College.

For Basketball Academy: Basktball Academy Information

For Dance Academy Information: Select BCDA Information

High Achievers Information: Select HAP Information



Additional Enrolment Information